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Specialized care is required when taking care of Trained Service Animals or Service Animals In-Training.  The exact same commands used by the owner or the trainer must be used while taking care of Service Animals.  Walking and tasks must be done the same way.  Praise, rewards and correction must be done the same way.  The daily schedule must be done the same way.  Any deviation causes confusion for the Service Animal and set-backs for Service Animals In-Training.  Besides being a valued companion and family member, Service Animals are very valuable with acquisition and training costs running in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Lucky Pet at Home realizes the emotional and financial value of these very specialized pets, whether they are working, companion, support or helping with special needs.  Each one is different from the other and requires different care techniques.  To make sure proper care is provided, Lucky Pet will:

  • Conduct an in-depth interview with the client focusing on daily routine, commands and training reinforcement

  • Confer with the trainer to focus on specific needs and care techniques to properly maintain the level of service of the Service Animal

  • Consult with the trainer on the specific service provided by the Service Animal so we gain a better knowledge of how the Service Animal should be cared for

  • Use our resources of Service Animal Trainers if the original trainer is not available

  • Spend time with the owner/trainer and the pet to make sure the transition of care is smooth and stress-free

  • Provide daily briefings with the owner/trainer to ensure proper care is being provided

  • Develop a Daily Care List with commands, tasks, training reinforcement and schedule so there is daily consistency

Services that are specific to Service Animals that can be provided are:

  • Coming to the client's location to take care of the Service Animal (home, hospital, rehab or care facilities)

  • Providing transportation to where the client is being cared for and back home for regular visitation

  • Assistance services such as medication administration, feeding, walking and all other basic services (Click on the "Basic Services" button above for a complete list of services) as the client progresses through rehab

  • Continuing training and task reinforcement

What our customers are saying

"I was very happy with the service and really liked getting photos (via email) of my cats!"

Lynn N. - Lucky Pet Client         

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