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Basic Service Prices

We have other services available on our "other services page." Such as House Sitting, Package Pick-up, Delivery of Pet Supplies, Dog Food, Dog Treats, please check out that page as well. 

There is a one time surcharge of $10 for 1​ visit and for more than 1 visit it is a$15 surcharge on all Federal Holidays. 

Initial Visit

An initial visit is the time allotted for you to meet the people that will be assigned to take care of your pets in your time away from home. We send two people to meet you and those will be the only two who will be in your home taking care of your pets. We meet you and your beloved pets, learn their routine, and what we need to do to make them feel safe, secure and well-loved in your absence. This is also the time we pick up your paperwork, answers any questions you may have and the mode of access to your home. 

We charge $10 for this visit.

If in the future, we need to return to meet a new pet or change up the mode of entry there is $5 charge.

15-Minute Visit

We have 5 different 15-minute visits to suit your needs.

These are $17 each visit.

  • Potty Break                                             am-midday-afternoon-evening

  • Bedtime Potty Break 9-10 pm

  • New Puppy /Frequent                            am-midday-evening

  • Cats and Critters                                    am-midday-afternoon-evening

Night Owl Potty Break

Hours are from 10:30 pm to 5:59 am

15 Minute visit


30 Minute Visit

We have 3 30-minute visits 

These are $21 each visit.

  • 30-minute visit                                         am, midday, afternoon, evening

  • Cats and Critters 30-minute visit        am, midday, afternoon, evening. 

  • Evening Walk  30-minutes

Night Owl Visit

Hours are from 10:30 pm to 5:59 am

30 Minute visit 


Each additional 4-legged Pet over 3 pets, is $3 per pet

45 Minute Visit

We have a 45 minute visit

It is $26.00 per visit

1-Hour Long Visit

Our hour-long visit is 

$31 per visit.

You may add an additional 15 minutes     $5.00 per additional 15 minutes

Blocks of Time

We have set- up blocks of time for Day Visits when you have family in town and want to go be tourists with them, doctor appointments, outpatient procedures, etc.

  • 2-hours          $46.00

  • 3-hours          $54.00

  • 4-hours          $63.00

  • 5-hours          $71.00

  • 6-hours          $80.00

  • 7-hours          $84.00

  • 8-hours          $88.00

  • 9-hours          $91.00

  • 10-hours        $94.50

  • 11-hours       $97.75

  • 12-hours        $100.00

  • 18-hours        $105.00                    Overnight and partial day 

  • 24-hours       $ 111.00                             (12 full hours day                                    and 12 full hours night)

Each additional 4-legged pet over 4 pets, is $3 each

Overnight Stays

We have several options for overnight stays.

  • Overnight Only --- $66.00

  • Extended Stay --- $86.00 This includes: the overnight + walk + breakfast 1+ dinner/pm 

  • Around the Clock --- $91.00                This includes: the overnight + walk + breakfast 1+midday+ dinner/pm       (15-minutes visits for midday& dinner)

  • Around the Clock --- $96.00                This includes: the overnight + walk + breakfast 1+midday+ dinner/pm          (30-minutes visits for midday& dinner)

  • 24 Hour Come and Go --- $100            this type of stay consists of our employee staying at your home and only leaving to run an errand (such as get food to eat) and to do other assigned visits in the area. 

Hotel Visits and Home for Sale

Hotel Visits

We have 2 visits 

  •  30-minute visit/ potty break $22.00

  • 1-hour long visit   $ 31.00

Home For Sale

Visit and Walk up to 1 Hour


Nail Trims and Light Grooming

Nail Trim   $15                                 includes trimming hair around pads (cats and dogs)Shampoo, conditioner, dry, and brushing    $30 (Cats and Dogs)

Each additional 4-legged pet over 3 pets, is $2 each

What our customers are saying

"Had a wonderful experience with them watching our new rescue dog. I received updates and pictures and really felt like my puppy was well cared for."

Melissa B. - Lucky Pet Client         

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