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Job Description

Job Title:  Pet Care ProviderJob Category:

Location: El Paso County, Pueblo County, Teller County and Freemont County

Travel Required: Not outside of your self designated service area

Level/Salary Range: Commission based

Will Train Applicant(s)

Job Requirements:

•Must be 25 years of age or older due to insurance and bond requirements

•Must be dependable, honest

•Must have a valid Driver’s License (preferably Colorado Driver’s License

•Must have a reliable vehicle that is dependable and drivable in any kind of weather

•Must be flexible and available on Federal Holidays

•Must have cell phone with internet capability

•Must have internet and email

•Must be able to pass background check

•No Criminal History

•Clean driving record

•Must be able to pass drug and alcohol test

•Pet Care Experience Preferred

•Must be able to work independently

•Must be able to work with a team member and be a team member / family member

•Willing to drive up to 15 minutes from your home to do a pet visit

•90-day probation period

Job Requirements and Job Description


•Meet new clients and their pets in their homes for an initial visit

•See where pet stays when client is not home, and where food and water are kept along with treats and leashes as well.

•Pick up required paperwork and payment from client

•Visit pets for required time as requested by client

•Feed, walk, play with and give potty breaks to pets as required by client

•Stay overnight in the client’s home with the pet as needed by the client and perform extra visits as assigned

•Deliver all paperwork and payments /payment information to Lucky Pet at Home office.

•Pick up and return keys to client (make sure keys work before leaving initial visit)

•Make a copy of the keys along with the house key release form and all signatures are on paperwork, text to Gary immediately.

•Tag client keys immediately with pet name and client’s last name only, ensuring you and your back up each have a set of keys.

•Second set of keys must be kept in lock box at office till back-up needs keys.

•Use pet care management program effectively and efficiently ---- writing a journal entry on each visit. Accepting all assigned visits daily or as soon as they come up on your calendar.

•Follow all rules and protocols set forth in Employee handbook and addendums to handbook.

•Follow protocol for unavailability and time off request (see protocol sheet / addendum page)

•Attend all Staff Meetings and In Office Training Sessions

•Complete all online trainings required by management

•Complete all online optional training in a timely manner

•Must respond to all phone calls, texts and emails within 1 hour of receipt

•Work directly and closely with all staff (back up pet care providers that are assigned to pet care visits along with yourself.

•Must be able to drive up to 15 minutes from home to do a pet visit


High School Diploma or GED required, some college (but not required)


Pet Care experience

Excellent Customer Service Skills a must

Familiar with Google Drive and Google mail


Farm Animal experience a plus

Small exotic animal care experience a plus




Contact Us




To apply for a Pet Care Provider Position please fill out the form and Mrs. Kaye will call you for a phone interview. Thank you for your interest in Lucky Pet at Home Pet Care Providers.

If  you would like more information on our services and our job requirements please call Mrs. Kaye at 719-999-8617.

Thank you.

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