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Pet Services

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Lucky Pet at Home Pet Services provides service coverage in the following areas:

  • ALL of  El Paso County including Colorado Springs, Fountain, Security / Widefield, Manitou Springs, Monument, Black Forest, Peyton and Falcon

  • Fort Carson, Peterson & Schriever Air Force Bases & Air Force Academy

  • All of Teller County including Woodland Park, Divide and Cripple Creek

  • Northern Pueblo County including Pueblo and Pueblo West

  • Southern Douglas County including Castle Rock

  • Canon City, Penrose, Cotopaxi, All of Freemont County

Lucky Pet at Home Pet Services provides a wide variety of services for all pets and animals ranging from goldfish to horses .... and beyond. We quickly realized that Pet Parents needed help with anything that comes up in the course of a day when taking care of their Pet Children. Now, you will never have to worry about your pets when you are not able to be there.


Hospice Care for Pets providing quality End of Life Care at home for your pet working in conjunction with your vet

Clients who suddenly find themselves in the hospital and need someone to care for their pets

Specialized Care for Service Animals, with or without the owner present

House Sitting ---- NO PETS REQUIRED ---- Have a professional care provider stay in your home while you are away on vacation or business trips. 

Home Checks ---- NO PETS REQUIRED ---- Need mail, packages, newspapers, trash cans brought in or lights on / off or altered while at work or on vacation

Snow Shoveling ---- NO PETS REQUIRED ---- Keep your sidewalk, driveway, porches, patios and stairs safe for your and your pets

Pet Care for Seniors Citizens,even those in Independent & Assisted Living Facilities and Specialty Care Units

Errands for Pet Parents (i.e. pick up and drop off pet supplies)

Poop Scooping to make you life easier and time with your pet more enjoyable

Farm Animal Care providing quality care for all your farm animals

Taxi Service to the Vet, the Groomer, Doggie Daycare, Boarding Facility, Doggie Shopping (take your pet on a shopping spree), even to and from the Airports (Colorado Springs Airport or Denver Airport)

Take a look at our full list of services by clicking on the tabs above.  If you need a service and don't see it, please give us a call to see if we can help.

Business Services and Corporate Program

  • For businesses that have a pet living there at the business, Lucky Pet can take care of them there with the same services offered to pets at home

  • For Apartment Complexes and other businesses with dog litter problems, Lucky Pet can provide large-scale poop scooping -- regularly or as needed

CORPORATE PROGRAM -- An excellent benefit to offer to your employees that has no cost to your company.  In our pet-friendly community where many of your employees have pets at home that are like family, you can help with the worry of taking care of their pets.  Our Corporate Program is simple -- let us know you want to participate, let your employees know about Lucky Pet at Home (through company email, newsletter or business cards and brochures that we provide), and we will give them 10% OFF most of our services when they mention that they work for your company.  No more worrying about rushing home on lunch to give their pet a potty break or take care of a sick pet -- No more having to take time off work to take a pet to the vet or groomer.

WEATHER POLICY -- For Extreme Weather Conditions

Because we care so much about your pets, we monitor weather conditions and take the appropriate actions to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet. Below are our policies that relate to cold weather, hot weather and hazardous weather conditions:

Cold Weather (temperatures of 20 degrees to 32 degrees) -- To prevent cold injuries to your pet's skin and paws, outdoor walks will be limited to 10 minutes outside, followed by 5 minutes inside to warm up, and continuing that schedule for the length of the walk. Paws will be checked upon completion of the walk to make sure no ice or "ice melt" is embedded between their toes.

Very Cold Weather (temperatures of 0 degrees to 20 degrees) -- To prevent frostbite that can result from even a short exposure to these temperatures, outdoor walks will be limited to 5 minutes outside, followed by 5 to 10 minutes inside to warm up, and continuing that schedule for the length of the walk. Paws will be checked upon completion of the walk to make sure no ice or "ice melt" is embedded between their toes.

Extremely Cold Weather (temperatures below 0 degrees) -- Because bitter cold can cause frostbite injuries within a few minutes, pets will only be taken out long enough to potty then brought back in. Paws will be checked upon completion of the walk to make sure no ice or "ice melt" is embedded between their toes.

Hot Weather -- When outside temperatures are 95 degrees or higher or if there is a heat index (combination of heat and humidity) that is in excess of 95 degrees, outdoor walks will be limited to 10 to 15 minutes followed by a cool down period. Walks can continue after that but we will monitor the condition of the pet to ensure they are not becoming overheated. In addition, to ensure your pet's paws are not injured on hot pavement or sidewalk, we use the "5 second rule" -- we must be able to hold the back of our hand on the pavement or sidewalk for at least 5 seconds in order to consider those areas safe for your pet to walk on. If the surface fails the "5-second rule", we can walk you pet on grassy areas with only very limited amounts of time on sidewalks/driveways as needed to cross them.

Severe Weather -- In the event of a thunderstorm with thunder, lightning, hail or dangerously high winds, the walk or the visit may be delayed until the storm has passed and it is safe to venture outside.  In the event of a thunderstorm with heavy rainfall, we will take your pet outside in the rain if there is a sheltered area to protect from the heavy rain.

What our customers are saying

"Lucky Pet at Home went above and beyond to help my sister-in-law and her 2 dogs. Gary visited her in the hospital to fill out paper work and to find out how to best care for her dogs. He was the answer to our prayers because we could tell he would be dependable and do everything he could to care for Tucker and Lily while Jane was hospitalized.

He picked up dog food when the supply got low and he reported their health and well being after his visits. I would not hesitate to recommend this pet sitting service to anyone. Jane did not come home to her beloved dogs but she was at peace knowing they were being well cared for. Thank you Gary for all you did to help Jane, Tucker, Lily and our family. You are the best!"

Sandy A. - Sister-in-law of Lucky Pet Client         

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