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Poop Scooping Services


If you have cats, or other pets that use a litter box, and can't stand the thought of scooping the litter box or if you are pregnant and it's not recommended that you scoop the box, we can take care of that for you. Or, if it's been a while since it's been cleaned and Fluffy says it's time for a complete makeover, we can take care of that, too, with a complete cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing of the litter box. Client is responsible for providing the desired cat litter although Lucky Pet can arrange to deliver it to your home for you.


It's been a long, hard week. The kids want to go out to play in the back yard.  You have a fun weekend planned.  The last thing you want to be doing is picking up your dog's "presents".  Or you have a backyard party planned and too much to do to get ready.  Let Lucky Pet at Home take care of the dirty work for you.  Whether a one-time cleanup or cleaned on a regular basis, we can keep your yard clean and healthy.

Charges are based on the number of pets, the size of the yard, how long it's been since the last time the yard was cleaned and the type of surface of the yard (grass, rock, mulch, etc).  Lucky Pet will meet with you to give you a quote for the initial cleaning and a price for regular service.  If you are a already a regular pet sitting client, you can receive a discount on regular poop scooping service.

Some things to know about poop-scooping your yard:

  • We prefer that dogs be secured while we are scooping to make our job easier and quicker

  • We will do a double-pass through your yard (after we go over the whole yard, we go over it again to make sure we got everything)

  • We prefer to not scoop your yard during or within 24 hours after a significant rainstorm

  • If we need to scoop your yard after snowfall, we can only pick up what is visible on top of the snow -- the rest will be picked up as the snow melts

  • If the poop is frozen solidly to the ground, we will attempt to remove it, but may need to wait until the ground thaws

  • Poop can be disposed of in your trash or we can remove it and dispose of it (small additional charge)

  • We do not pick up trash while poop-scooping unless requested (additional charge for trash pick-up)

  • We will attempt to pick up every bit of poop we see, but things like a heavy layer of leaves on the ground, snow, or mulch may make it impossible to always see everything.....although we try

  • Diarrhea or very soft poop can not be completely picked up -- during warm months, if a water hose is available, we are glad to try to wash it into the ground

Services can be provided as a one-time cleaning, daily, twice a week, weekly, every other week or monthly.  Please remember, the longer between scooping services, the more it costs due to the amount of poop and the additional time it takes to clean to our standards.  If your dog stays in a crate and soils it, we can perform an intense cleaning of it which includes sanitizing and deodorizing.

What our customers are saying

"Our experience with Lucky Pet at Home Pet Services could not have been better. Gary and Jessica came to meet my dogs, and explained everything before our trip. It was over Christmas, and even though they were really busy, they took all the time needed to get comfortable with our dogs and explain the procedures.

I have used many pet services in the past, and am very happy with Lucky Pet. They add extras, like turning on lights or bringing in trash cans, which feels like family. Thanks for keeping Sugar and Hero safe and happy!"

Krista K. - Lucky Pet Client          

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